Friday 27 April 2012

Shooting the breeze

Rural Northumberland receives a high number of applications for wind turbines. We all accept the need for renewable energy, but any highly visible development must be appropriate for our area.

There is real local concern about the impact of turbines on our landscape, their efficiency and potential damaging effects to wildlife. In April, Conservative councillors put a motion to council calling for an urgent consultation with residents to inform a plan for how many there should be and where they should go. Other political parties refused to back us.


  1. Any views on the two wind turbine applications at Hedley on the Hill? (refs 13/00518/FUL and 13/00469/RENE).
    One will be 46m high! Note that the Angel of the North is only 20m. If you can see the Telecommunications Mast, also 20m high, then you will most likely see the much larger proposed wind turbines.
    This is beautiful countryside with great views, I hope the developers are stopped from making it like Tow Law. Hedley on the Hill Parish Council are going to object to the development.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was aware of the 13/00518/FUL application and am looking into the 13/00469/RENE application. These applications seem more nuanced than those for industrial scale wind farms with multiple large turbines (e.g., as at Kiln Pit Hill). That said, greenbelt development, the cummulative impact on the local environment and the separation distances from dwellings are key issues.