Saturday 29 June 2013

Broadband Demand? It's super fast!

In the next week or so copies of NE43 news should be dropping onto Stocksfield door mats. In it you will find a leaflet about superfast fibreoptic broadband which will be coming to Stocksfield as part of the major upgrade of Northumberland's broadband infrastructure. Because it is probable that a significant number of properties in our area (up to 25%) will not be covered by the upgrade it is vital that we get a sense of the likely demand for superfast broadband. This is because if we can demonstrate high demand then iNorthumberland will be in a strong position to secure funding for alternative broadband solutions.

Therefore, when you get the information leaflet PLEASE register your interest in having faster broadband. The more people who indicate interest, the more leverage we will have in ensuring that everybody in the Stocksfield area has access to the next generation of broadband technology. The leaflet outlines some of the benefits of superfast broadband compared with what we have now. 

If you're concerned that faster broadband means more scope for online danger for you or your children, then fear not as I am working with iNorthumberland to find ways to raise awareness for residents of how to stay safe online.

The information leaflet has a tear off slip which you can drop in the collection box in Boots at Branch End (just on the right as you go in), or at the Parish Office at SICA. If you do not want to wait for the leaflet or prefer to register your interest online then you can do so on iNorthumberland's Stocksfield web page.

Be assured that registering interest in superfast broadband does not commit you in any way to purchasing a contract when it becomes available or to signing up with a particular supplier. This exercise is about gauging likely demand.

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