Saturday 15 March 2014

March Broadband Update

iNorthumberland have now given a few more details of the planned availability of fibre-optic broadband for the Stocksfield exchange. I've talked about cabinets before, but here are a picture of two cabinets. The one on the top is part of BT's provision and the one on the bottom has been provided through iNorthumberland's scheme.

Here is a table showing the cabinets that are due to go live during March, April, and May:

No. Properties Served
Junction of Painshawfield Rd and Apperley Road
Stocksfield Station
Main Rd opposite Cade Hill Rd
Painshawfield Rd
Branch End (outside Boots)


It is not possible to say yet which properties are included in the total figure of 1273, but it is clear that this covers a good proportion of the exchange area.

The information above (and more) can be found in iNorthumberland's West Area Update which you can download here.

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