Tuesday 16 September 2014

Stocksfield is going live: superfast broadband

Today I got some great news -- two of the Stocksfield telephone cabinets are now live and are acceptting orders for superfast broadband. To recap, there are seven telephone cabinets on the Stocksfield exchange:

Cabinet 1 - junction of Painshawfield Road and Apperley Rd
Cabinet 2 - Meadowfield Rd
Cabinet 3 - Station
Cabinet 4 - Mickley Square
Cabinet 5 - Main Rd opp Cadehill Road
Cabinet 6 - Painshawfield Rd opp Snowdrop Cottage
Cabinet 7 - Main Rd, Branch End, outside Boots

I got the following information from iNorthumberland today.

Cabinets 5 and 7 are now live
Cabinets 3 and 4 are expected any day now
Cabinets 1 and 6 should be live during October
Cabinet 2 is a bit further off - probably into 2015.

I’m on Cabinet 5, so in the interests of journalism (!) I’ve just ordered a superfast service.  (Remember, you can find out which cabinet you're connected to by visiting BT's broadband checker site.) You can buy your service from a number of providers but I guess that many people are with BT and may wish to stay with them. As I've been with Plusnet for a while I thought I'd go with their service. The maximum speed available on my cabinet is a whopping 80 Mb per second! However, I went with Plusnet's cheaper 40 Mb service to begin, with a view to upgrading in the future if I think I need the extra speed.

Here's what you need to know. Because this is a new technology, it is incompatible with standard ADSL broadband. So, I will soon be receiving a visit from a BT technician (as BT still handle the wires) who will replace my current master phone socket with a new fibre compatible one. The technician will also install a fibre broadband modem on that socket. All of this is free of charge. Next, Plusnet are sending me a new router as my current ADSL router is not compatible. This new router is also free (though they are charging me six quid for postage). I see from BT's web site that they will supply a free Home Hub 5 for use with their fibre service.

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